Tiny Tats 2018

Start: March 17, 2018, 2 p.m.

End: March 19, 2018, 2 a.m.

Event at Ēddies Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

Once again the artists of Eddies Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio and Black Iris Studio present the 5th Annual Tiny Tats Fundraiser!
This event will be run in two different locations- Eddies Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio located at 1805 ludington street , as well as Black Iris Studio at 1018 Ludington street in downtown Escanaba.

This years Artists are Eddie Moritz, James Dahlke, Shaun Flinn & Jacqueline Beach.

The event will be held Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th from 10am-10pm each day.

This event is by walk-in availability at Eddies Tattoo, and by appointment at Black Iris Studio.

There will be sign up sheets at Eddies, and there is often a wait to be tattooed and we recommend that clients come in early to sign in. To book an appointment with Jacqueline at Black Iris Studio, please call 906-553-5199.

This years Tiny Tats proceeds will be going towards the United Way of Delta County, the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, and the No-excuses Scholarship fund that sponsors piercers to attend training courses.

Tiny Tats are $40 each, and $20 for each additional on the same person.

A Total of 5 flash sheets are available to select designs from with hundreds of options. There are no customizations the day of the event, all aftercare and touch ups are included with Tiny Tats.

Design Sheets are being finalized for this year and will be available for viewing closer to the event. We do not place our designs online, and are only available for viewing in person.

A Brief History of the event. This event was started in 2014 at Black Iris Studio as a way to raise funds for a scholarship to send their piercer to the Association of Professional Piercers Annual Conference and Exposition. Being the first year they did not know what to expect and over the course of 15 hours, the artists raised over $3000 which fully funded her training for the trip as well as a portion of the next years trip. Everyone loved the fundraiser so much that we decided to make it an Annual event to donate to non-profits. Every year the event grew larger and larger, eventually spanning to two locations, and multiple days. With artists from other studios volunteering to join, and eventually gaining enough interest to have Sponsorship from KingPin Tattoo Supply who donated all the disposables needed for the event to help defer costs. Radio Results Network kindly donated over $1000 worth of On-air promotion for this event in 2017.

Fun Facts:
-There is no limit to the amount of Tiny Tats that you can get! Our Current record holder for the most Tiny Tats in a single sitting is 8!

-Tiny Tats has gained so much attention in the Body Art Industry that other studios have decided to run their own event. Tiny Tats has now been run in Michigan, California, and Minnesota!

-Many people who come in for a tiny tat have admitted that this was their first tattoo!

-This was meant to be a one-time event, but was requested by so many people that we decided to do it Annually.

-This is completely run by Volunteers. The artists and staff who work get no compensation for the event, and do it to give back.

-In 2016 there were so many people that had signed up for the event that it was the first year we had to cut our list of sign ups. The artists tattooed for 23 hours straight.