Black Lotus Tattoo Studio

TATTOOS ONLY,NO PIERCINGS OF ANY KIND...Raven Barnhill (772) 321-8495 - James Barnhill (772) 321-7683

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1965 42nd Ave. Ste #5 - zipcode: 32960, Vero Beach - FL

Black Lotus Tattoo Studio is owned and operated by James and Theresa AKA (Raven) Barnhill..
For - Raven (772)321-8495
For - James (772)321-7683
We are a private studio and by appointment only... We have no set hours,because we each work by appointment only and around the clock Tuesday - Sunday.. Mondays are our time,but we do usually work those days as well..
Appointments must be set in person for all new clients and there is a 50$ appointment fee that will go towards the tattoo. If you are a no call,no show then the appointment fee is non refundable..If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment without calling,or texting your artist,you will be considered a no show and you will have to reschedule an appointment if you would still like to be tattooed in the future. A new deposit is required. Emergencies will be an exception and others on a case by case review.. Our time is very important and if you do not show,call or text your artist and are 30 minutes late,they have the right to leave to attend to other business..
If you are out of state and would like to set up an appointment,call,or text one of us and we can set you up as well..
We are not a super expensive tattoo studio,but we do require what our work is worth. If your first question is how much will it cost,we may not be the place for you. We do not haggle over pricing, and we do not cut our clients short on quality. Tipping is not required,but as a general rule of thumb for those who ask, 15% up to 100% is what clients tip. Theres no set number,but it is a courtesy to your artist for their hard work. An appreciation for everything they have done to see that your experience was the best it could be,you were comfortable and that your tattoo gives you many years of happiness..
As for walk-ins... If we are in the studio and have time,we will do walk-ins on occasion.
We do not offer any piercings of any kind here at Black Lotus Tattoo Studio..
We do not give prices over the phone,internet, ect..,because it is too hard to give an accurate price in that manner.. Also each tattoo is different in its own way and prices vary depending on things like size, detail, placement,color,time it will take and many other things. However, here are a few answers to some basic questions regarding pricing... Our minimum is 50$. No matter how small the tattoo,we still have to provide new sterile equipment for each and every single tattoo. Nothing is reused. We also have to provide a sterile environment for that tattoo. This is quite a bit of stuff,but it is required..
Hands,lips and feet tattoos are different and require a bit more skill than the standard tattoo as these areas tend to fade fast if not done correctly.. Due to the extra work that is involved in these areas,our minimum on these is 100$.. That is the minimum,not the set price. The price may be more depending on the size, details,color,time it takes ECT...
Our standard rate for every artist here is 100$ an hour.. This price could vary depending on the tattoo. If it's a tattoo that the artist can do in 1 session. If it will take multiple sessions,ECT... Multiple sessions may be 100$ an hour,or the artist may choose a set price per session...
The best way to get a price for a tattoo is to come in and speak to an artist. Determine all of the factors involved and go from there. Giving a price over Facebook and other forms of social media is just almost impossible for us. The same difficulty goes for pricing over the phone,or in text messages.... I really hope this helps... Thank you all

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