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34 s market st - zipcode: 17870, Selinsgrove - PA

We are officially closed. Keep following this page to be informed of future guest spots in the area. Kaila will continue working in Selinsgrove, please stop by and see her at Nouveau ink. Sean will be working in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a while, but will be in the area on occasions and will post available time slots on here as they open up. Thank you all for such an amazing time... It was just short of 6 years in the area, but I simply could not find the help I needed to run the shop properly in the time frame... Its a tough area to find quality artists and I didn't want to hire the mediocre or crappy guys who float from shop to shop or tattoo out of their shed. So unfortunately I have been turning more business away than I was able to do, and having to cover all of the bills for a 4 artist shop off one artist... Perhaps some day if other areas dont work out as good as I hope, maybe some day I will return and open a small one or two artist shop.... who knows... but if you keep following this page, you will be the first to know.

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