Tattoos by Xzandia

At the moment I am on my 7th year as a body artist. My number one goal is to provide custom beautiful skin art in a sterile and comfortable enviornment!

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Hulton Road - zipcode: 15147, Verona - PA

I only use the finest single use prepackaged equipment and an expensive high grade ink with formula specifically designed to make my art "pop". I very much try and steer clear of the basic tattoos everyone get, your nautical stars, hearts, single flowers. I like creativity and my goal as an artist is to give my clients something truly unique that they can be proud of when saying "I'm the only one in the world with this piece."

I offer two forms of payment and also require a $20 deposit that covers the drawing and holds your scheduled time. This deposit is nonrefundable but contributes towards your total.

First: Pricing by Piece
This means you come in for one sitting, leave with a completed tattoo with a preset approximation on the piece.

Second: Session Work
This involves and was created for people who are seeking extensive work and will need multiple sessions. Between $50-$75 per hour, however can always be negotiated. I'm here to fill the world with beautiful work, making money is just a bonus so I'm always willing to work something out.

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