Vatican Tattoo Studio Delray

Vatican Tattoo Studio Delray. World Class Tattooing and eclectic art gallery. Delray Local owned and operated.

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325 NE 2nd Ave, Suite 103 - zipcode: 33444, Delray Beach - FL

A few things come to mind when thinking about The City of Delray beach . A plethora of excellent restaurants, fantastic bar scene, beautiful beaches, and an unparalleled love for the arts. A community which embraces creativity, and an atmosphere where everyone has the same goal in mind, which is to have a good time. Enjoy yourself.

Pineapple Groves Art District is a lively, inspiring neighborhood blooming with nightlife and arts. From the artists alley, filled with eclectic studios and galleries. To award winning restaurants and watering holes, boutique shops and elegant spas. Walk into any of these wonderful establishments and they all have a very common thread. Tattoos. From the chefs and bartenders that prepare your meals, to the hair stylist and personal trainers that get you looking right, a very strong majority of them are tattooed. Where have these folks been going to get their tattoos? Not the downtown that we all hold so dear. These people have been leaving the city to get their art for far too long. We feel it is time to turn the tides, and start bringing others into our arts district, spreading the love and wealth to all of our neighboring businesses and friends. From a cute little butterfly on her shoulder, to a rough and tough sleeve on him, tattooing is a strong part of our American culture. Downtown Delray is no different. Some get them to memorialize a loved one. Some for good luck and celebration. Some for cosmetics and enhance the appeal of the body. Some just because they like the look. Whatever the reason be, there is no doubt that the art form of tattooing has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. What was once frowned upon by some, is now celebrated and praised by many.

We here at VT Studios Delray want to bring to Pineapple Grove and the City of Delray beach what it has been missing. An upscale tattoo studio and fine art gallery, showcasing the talents of local artists, as well as a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for tattoo collectors and first timers alike. We have designed our 1000 sq ft studio to be a mirror of what we feel is the soul and the vibe of Delray Beach. A cool, laid back beach shack, meets modern gallery. A place for locals to feel at home, and get the finest tattoos money can buy, applied by award winning professionals. At the same time, a cohesive gallery and art space showcasing local and world renowned artwork for the client who is just not quite yet ready to take that step into their first tattoo.
A clean and friendly atmosphere, owned and operated by Delray residents, with a mission to bring world class tattooing to Pineapple Grove. We are proud of our city. We love what it has become, and we want to grow with it.

Enjoy yourself. This is our creed. Our motto. Our policy. We are not all here for a long time, so make sure you have a good time.

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